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How to Handle a Paternity Leave in a Startup

Introduction Do you own a startup or small business? Do you have kids or are you preparing to have a baby? As men, it’s tempting to tell ourselves that it’s OK to only take a few days off following the birth of a child. You’re not running a Fortune 500 company with paid paternity leave, … Continued

The Development Behind Invisible Girlfriend

In the first version of Invisible Girlfriend, you could have multiple girlfriends. I had actual methods in the code named “elope,” and “divorce” to manage the intricacies of your desired relationship(s), but even at this point I called them “Partners” because I knew there were plans for the Invisible Boyfriend side (which I was also … Continued

web developer working on web development at 1905 new media

A Software Development Decision Matrix

I think a lot about how early-stage businesses and startups should decide to either develop website and applications in-house, contract a programmer, or contract a software developer. Frankly, as the owner of a software consultancy, this is practically all I think about. I’ve recently been trying to formulate a simple matrix to help people make … Continued

What is Critical Thinking?

One of the things that haunts my thoughts at night is this: what makes one product better than another? What differentiates software? What, exactly, is the way you can discover how to change the question “Why should I use this?” into “Why shouldn’t I use this?” At every level of software consulting, what I actually provide for … Continued

Build a Color Palette in Your Rails App

So you decided you want to add some color to your rails app. “Hold on,” you say to yourself, “I’m not a designer! How can I choose a nice looking color palette?” Don’t worry, friend. You can do this! Find an image you love This is going to be our secret trick. Find an image … Continued

Bootstrap for Designers

Are you a seasoned designer finding yourself tasked with designing for the Bootstrap grid, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you find yourself limited by developers forcing their preferred front-end framework down the throat of your beautiful designs? Is your design CV riddled with print, but you want to learn to design for the … Continued

What is #remoteweek?

As for me, Lucilius, my time is free; it is indeed free, and wherever I am, I am master of myself. – Seneca, Moral Letters to Lucilius, On Saving Time Last week, we decided it was time to do a field test on our remote working efficiency. While we rarely all work from the same … Continued

Git Workflow for Small Teams

A huge shift happens when your team grows from 2 to 3 people. The way you communicate will be destroyed because of a very simple reason: communication about a project will no longer be able to take place in the natural human format of a conversation. All of the status, the thinking, all the communication … Continued