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Ecommerce Statistics for 2019

Optimizing your e-commerce site for the holidays should be done months in advance. To ensure your web development and marketing efforts for the 2019 season generate substantial sales, consider these stats:

(And don’t forget – Google bots search the mobile version of your site first. Is yours in check?)

  • Page-load speed delayed by 1 second can reduce conversions by 7%
  • Companies with 40+ landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with less than 5
  • Mobile ecommerce sales are projected to make up to 63.5% of total ecommerce sales this year
  • Global mobile ecommerce revenue is expected to reach up to $669 Billion in 2018
  • 60% of cart abandonments are due to extra costs like taxes, shipping and fees
  • 35% of transactions are lost when websites require users to create accounts before purchasing
  • 3 out of 4 users notice retargeting ads
  • Online shoppers are 70% more likely to convert when targeted with display ads
  • Product videos can increase conversion rates by as much as 144%
  • 50% of online shoppers search for videos related to a product before buying it in-store
  • The average order value of customers referred from Instagram is $65
  • The average order value of customers referred from Facebook is $55
  • 76% of smart speaker users perform local searches on a weekly basis
  • 46% of consumers would like to hear a business’s prices over voice search
  • 50% of consumers who search for local business on a smartphone visit the store within 24 hours
  • 4 out of 5 people use search engines to perform local searches
  • Social CRM systems can improve retention by 26%
  • Conversion rates can increase by 300% with a CRM in place
  • 40% of Twitter’s user base say they’ve purchased something as a direct result of an influencer’s tweet
  • The average searched media value for influencer marketing is $7.65 to every $1 spent

You can see the full list of 2019 Ecommerce stats here.