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Because of today’s connected technology, the average person is exposed to an overwhelming number of marketing messages everyday – which they simply learn to ignore.

1905 New Media’s proven marketing communication process puts you on a path to create messaging that cuts through the clutter so your prospects see you and hear you.

How we can make your life better?

Knowing that all your marketing communication materials are working together to drive activity into your sales funnel will give you the confidence to pursue bigger opportunities and grow your business. You’ll be relieved to know you are not wasting your time or money doing advertising that simply doesn’t work.

Let’s go after your vision together.

Featured Articles

5 Easy to Implement Homepage Features that lead to Conversions / Actions Taken

Is your website truly serving your organization? It’s critical to pinpoint exactly what actions you would like your users to take when they reach your site. A beautifully designed website is…

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A Software Development Decision Matrix

I think a lot about how early-stage businesses and startups should decide to either develop website and applications in-house, contract a programmer, or contract a software developer.

An Easy Metaphor for How Search Engines Work and What They're Looking For

Think of Google (or any search engine) as the host of a cocktail party, constantly moving around to listen to the conversations of all the guests at the party (ALL the websites).

Get Started

1. Talk to one of our Subject Matter Experts:

On this 30-minute call, we’ll discuss your vision and challenges. We’ll ask a few clarifying questions to make sure we are on the same page regarding goals, due dates, project scope, and budget.

2. Review and choose the best plan for your situation:

Select the plan that fits your budget and timing.

3. Schedule the Project Kickoff:

Once we have an agreed upon project approach, we’ll setup a time to begin the project discovery that will set us on the path to developing and delivering the solution that will work for you.


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