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About 1905 New Media

1905 New Media is an integrated marketing communications firm in St. Louis, comprised of five specialties: branding, digital marketing, custom website and app development, public relations, and commercial printing. We use a proven approach to help guide aspiring brands through today’s marketing maze.

We believe empowering people to share their stories leads to meaningful connections and the realization of their dreams.

That’s not just some lofty brand statement. This sentiment is engrained into our company’s DNA.

Our Beginning

Our founding dates to the year 1905, when Ronald Thomson acquired St. Charles County’s local daily newspaper, The Banner News. The paper was well-respected in the community and maintained a commitment to delivering serious journalism. At the time, the Banner also had a sheet-fed printing division that produced forms, letterhead and general marketing collateral for local businesses.

A disastrous fire destroyed the Banner’s offices and printing operation in 1972 — an event which ultimately led to the family’s decision to sell the newspaper to Sun Communications and expand its commercial printing division, to be known as Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics.

Our Expertise

More than 115 years have passed since we took roots as The Banner News. While the company’s approach to storytelling has evolved over the years, you can still find the Thomson family at the helm.

Fourth generation owner, John Meilink, joined the family business in 2011. With a background in website development and marketing, he understood the impact businesses could gain by integrating their print and digital marketing strategies. He set off on his dream to transform the company once again, to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and to meet customers’ needs.

1905 New Media strategically grew its capabilities through the acquisitions of website development company, Giant Hat, in 2015; branding agency, SandBox Creative, in 2019; search marketing firm, tSunela, in early 2021; and public relations firm Arco + Associates, in late 2021. The digital marketing division, Hey There Digital, was internally launched in 2017.

In 2020, we consolidated our non-print operations under one entity and rebranded as 1905 New Media. Each of our divisions continues to provide clients with highly specialized services while leveraging collaborative strategy, talent and experience of industry experts.

Let's go after your dreams together.

Everyone gets to be the hero of their own story. Maybe yours is a work in progress. You face obstacles in attracting customers and building a following for your business. You battle for revenue and profit — and struggle to find the time and expertise to build your brand.

Every hero needs help. That's why you built a business: to help your customers. And that’s why we exist: to guide you.

Deliver Clarity

Clear messages cut through the clutter.

Listen with Purpose

There is value in solving problems.

Tap into Emotions

Customers are human, not computers. Emotion trumps logic.

Be Bold

Disruption has tremendous power.

Communicate with Intent

People love good stories.

Be Curious

Embracing failure facilitates learning.

Be Inclusive

Everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their dream.

At 1905 New Media, we understand your organization's challenges and we care about your future.