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Did you know that people in the U.S. spend more than two hours a day scrolling through social media platforms? With all that screen time, having a dynamic social media presence for your business is no longer optional — it’s imperative.

At 1905 New Media, we’re more than just a social media agency. We are technical and creative experts who live and breathe social media to deliver effective posts that fit seamlessly into your integrated marketing strategies. We understand the power of a brand and will learn the ins and outs of your business to become an extension of your team. Our social media services are customized to enhance your brand’s online reputation.

Let’s work together to make a lasting impact in the crowded social media space.

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of social media? We’ve got it covered!

When you think about your brand’s social media, you probably imagine the numerous platform options with ever-changing features and algorithms, the content that needs to be created, the effort of keeping up with community engagement, and the data that can be used to drive results. Our social media marketing experts take this never-ending loop off your plate, so you can focus on building other areas of your business.


1905 New Media is a full-service St. Louis digital agency. Our in-house social media experts are ready to give your social media the attention it needs to stand out and showcase the narrative you want your audience to see. 

Social Media Strategy

Many businesses struggle to find a clear direction in their social media efforts, leading to inconsistent messaging and missed opportunities. We strategize a path that aligns with your brand’s goals for consistent, impactful messaging. 

Content Creation

High-quality content can be time-consuming and challenging. Our team of creative experts produces compelling visuals, videos and copy to captivate your target demographic.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting

Our detailed monthly reports provide actionable insights that help you understand your return on investment and areas for improvement.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media these days is pay-to-play to effectively reach your desired audience. Let us design ad campaigns for major social platforms and optimize them throughout the ad’s run for maximum results.

Monitoring & Crisis Response

Negative feedback or a PR crisis can tarnish a brand’s image rapidly. Our team monitors mentions and sentiments around your brand so you can address concerns proactively.

Community Engagement

Online communities are always on — even when you’re stuck in meetings all day. Missed engagement opportunities can weaken the relationship with your followers, so let us help your brand foster a sense of community with your followers with timely responses.

"For the last several years, we have had the pleasure of working with the 1905 New Media team on our social media campaigns, and the results have been nothing short of exceptional. Their expertise and dedication to crafting engaging, relevant, and impactful content have significantly enhanced our online presence.

What truly distinguishes [1905 New Media] is their proactive approach. They have taken the time to deeply understand our brand's voice and objectives. Their uniquely creative approach to content development and strategic use of social media platforms have driven growth for our organization."

Diane Vollmer, Unlimited Play


Advance your social media game.

1905 New Media is the partner you’ve been looking for who’s as passionate about connecting with your audience as you are! Our custom social media marketing organic and paid campaigns can propel your brand forward and keep you steps ahead of competitors.

If you’re looking for a “quality over quantity” social media marketing company near you, send us a message today to speak with a member of our St. Louis digital marketing company.