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Brand Development Services

Your company brand is not just a logo or a tagline — it’s the promise you make to all your customers about what they can expect from you. And honing in on this promise is key to creating (and maintaining) a successful, enduring brand. The challenge most leaders face is telling the story they think their audience wants to hear rather than the story of why it matters. A clear vision is needed to create a powerful message.

That’s where our branding company can help.

The 1905 New Media branding agency is a team of storytellers. We are passionate about helping clients of all different sizes and specialties create dynamic brand messaging that cuts through the clutter of everyday life. Our proven approach follows a simple formula which begins and ends with rediscovering how your solutions make a difference in the world. Because your brand is more than just a product or a campaign. Your brand is your entire reputation.

Is it time to establish your brand (or rebrand?)

Maybe your brand message became unclear as your company was growing and changing. Perhaps your organization has identified the need to hire a digital branding company for a major rebrand after a merger or acquisition. Or maybe your brand just doesn’t have the impact you want. No matter the journey your company has been on, our St. Louis digital branding agency will get you where you want to go.

Our Process

Brand Development is all about getting in touch with your vision and guiding principles. The 1905 New Media digital branding agency will lead your organization’s key stakeholders through a series of thought-provoking, highly interactive collaboration sessions to identify your target audiences and uncover your brand story. Then we will provide the tools you need to share this story with the world. After all, that’s what you expect when you hire a leading St. Louis digital branding company.

Get ready for the ultimate team brainstorming session. We tend to believe the conversation flows naturally because the topic at hand is likely one of your greatest passions: your company.

1. Brand Review

Gain a fundamental understanding of the marketing space your brand currently occupies. Discuss your strengths and opportunities, evaluate what the competition is doing and chart your customer’s path to purchase.

2. Brand Story Script

Create the foundation of your story that will build emotional engagement with your audience. Identify the specific problems and ambitions of this target audience and how you can help them thrive.

3. Brand Message

Develop the content and context of your story as it relates to your brand promise. Then define your brand voice by determining what you will say, and how and when you will say it.

4. Brand Identity

Distinguish your company from your competition in a visually meaningful and authentic manner. Build the image you want to project with visual cues aligned to your audience and your brand promise.

Praise for our branding agency services.

"[Dave] has been instrumental in developing our brand story and bringing it to life. Focusing and simplifying our message has been a real challenge for us, but [1905 New Media] has been a tremendous guide throughout the process. Plus, these guys make me look good."

Randy Niederer,
Cambridge Air Solutions

Digital branding services in St. Louis and beyond.

At 1905 New Media, we use digital branding services to help aspirational business leaders tell their stories. Whether our strategy for your organization includes digital marketing, website design, print work or a combination of tactics, brand discovery is always Step One. This is because we believe a powerful message begins with a crystal-clear understanding of what makes your company uniquely you. And with our digital branding strategy, you can rest assured the end result is a compelling story you will be proud to tell — and (most importantly) a message that will inspire your audience to become your most devoted brand advocates.

Send us a message today to discuss Brand Development with a member of our St. Louis branding agency. Our portfolio includes these professional and website branding services:

  • Branding
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Messaging Strategies
  • Visual Branding
  • Corporate Graphic Standards
  • StoryBrand Scripts
  • StoryBrand Website Design
  • Website Branding

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